Ft. Belvoir Seminar & HITS Conference Wrap

Just a quick wrap up……Ft. Belvoir Patrol Seminar…Dave Colborn and I did a 3 day patrol seminar for the military at Ft. Belvoir – handlers from Belvoir and Ft. Meyer were represented, with about 13 teams all together….both lecture and practical work….we introduced some new techniques for Human Focused Aggression training and redirects….as well as shared some new techniques on the standoff exercise for them to incorporate into training. A lot of time was spent on fundamentals of alert training, passive apprehensions, and civil aggression work.

The HITS conference was a big success as well. TK9 Head Trainer Janet Dooley and I attended, and we had a chance to see some of the TK9 handlers and customers who were attending and spend some time developing new relationships with potential clients at other police agencies.

Jerry presented on "The Power of Reward" to 2 classes, one on tuesday afternoon and one on Wednesday afternoon. We had a great response to the material which covered integrating reward methods into obedience training to improve controil and K9 handler relationship in general. The talk then covered using reward methodologies in the control exercises for aggression  work in out training, developing more reliable recalls and outs (guard and returns) and redirects….

We had an excellent time and also had the opportunity to learn some new things as well to incorporate in our training programs…..