Dog Crates for Sale – CHEAP!

Tarheel Canine is a large importer of Dogs from Europe and we have amassed a large stockpile of crates in both NC and MD. There are over 30 crates available, and they must go!

Crates are airline approved, in gently used condition (most used only once for transatlantic flights). Sturdy, all hardware, gates and some have bowls.

XL # 500 Crates………Low Low Price of $35!

XL/XL #500 Plus Crates ….Low Low price of $40!

Miscellaneous other crates…..Most are slightly larger than #400 L size but not quite #500. Best Offer!

Shipping is available for a $10 additional handling fee plus UPS Ground Shipping Charges.

Compare to prices retailing over $120 per #500 Crate at retail outlets. Crates are slightly used, but completely functional, and include all hardware or zip ties (your preference). Some include bowls.

Get yours while you can.

Contact: Jerry Bradshaw, Tarheel Canine, for pics of crates and to order.

We accept cash or credit cards (Visa, Amex, Discover, MC).

Call today while supplies last.