P. Petruska (Royal Oak, Michigan)

Mr. Bradshaw,

I am writing to complement Tarheel on an excellent job with respect to the recent delivery of Nero (PPD) & Ginger (advanced obedience).

Hillary Daly always made herself available to answer questions and pass along information during Nero & Ginger’s training. She was very flexible with the drop off time for Ginger and took the extra time to introduce me to Nero and allow us significant interaction time at Tarheel. Further, Hillary worked around my schedule to determine the best time to transport Nero & Ginger to Michigan. I was impressed by her knowledge and patience during my training.

Dave Colborn’s presentations on the theory behind the training and his attention to detail made understanding the behavior of Nero straightforward. Dave’s instruction on what to expect from Nero during a situation lead to highly productive training sessions despite my lack of experience. Additionally, his assistance with integrating Nero & Ginger into my home reduced the strain of the situation without causing any undue hardship.

Unfortunately, I had an incident during the second night of Nero’s arrival. Nero was able to deter and assist me with defusing an adverse situation despite minimal input from me as the handler. I attribute his actions and controllable nature to his handler from the training he received at Tarheel.

During the onsite training, both Dave and Hillary realized that we would not be able to complete the sessions within the time scheduled. They extended their stay without hesitation or complaint to ensure that I had all of the knowledge and scenario training fulfilled.

I was consistently impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, and considerate nature of your staff and wish to thank them for all they did.