Chief James J Rogers (Personal Protection Dog Client) – Queenstown, MD

I have done business with Tarheel Canine for years when I was with a Law Enforcement agency so when I wanted a dog to protect my family and to use for my business Tarheel Canine was the answer. “Arko” a (Belgian Tervuren) is great with the kids and fits into our family like he was with us forever. I have never been so impressed with the intelligence and obedience of this animal. He is very protective and aware of his role with me and yet very gentle and loving with children, family, friends and he is the lead Explosive K9 and takes care of keeping Carnival Cruise Line safe. K9 Sultan was my first partner and he has retired at 11 years old but is still my partner today, and also sweep the Cruise ship. I would highly recommend Tarheel Canine.

Chief James J Rogers

Homeland Canine Security
132 Hogue Farm Lane
Queenstown, MD 21658