Lana Greer (Obedience Client) – North Carolina

Dear Kyrie,


Thanks so, so much for spending time with my Trevor. Just in the few times we have e-mailed and the one time we met I know you will have an excellent future. Trevor seems more “at peace” with things. You definitely have a talent. I am trying to take him everywhere.


I am very lucky to be able to help a dog with some problems thru life. I think many others would like to but just can’t. I also have a mare whom someone abandoned and she is almost healed. It’s kind-of crazy in these times because she even came with papers and is from a famous line. I could turn around and sell her but never will because she will just be used for breeding.


I don’t really know how else to thank you both but I know in life everything you do comes back even greater.


Until we meet again…


Lana, David, Shock-a-ma-zoo, Magnolia Mae, Little Black, Santa Fe and Trevor.