Dog Trainer School- Amazing Opportunities- Hsin-Ni Kuo

In July of 2016, I learned about Tarheel Canine from my teacher William Chi, the famous detection dog trainer in Taiwan, and I aspired to do a two-month internship to learn about pet dog and working dog training. Jerry and all the trainers in Tarheel were very kind to me and willing to teach me the skills and knowledge they know during my internship. Being an intern, I got to work with at least 10 boarded training dogs a day and I learned several skills through daily practice, like leash handling, utilizing training gear and principals of obedience training. I also gained experience working with police dogs in which I learned scent detection and patrol dog training.

In June of 2017, I requested to return to do another internship to further my skills. Jerry informed me of a conservation dog research project with USGS and USFWS in Hawaii and I took advantage of this opportunity. Now I’m in Kauai, Hawaii assisting in a project researching the detectability of scent trained dogs to sniff out avian botulism and endangered birds. I really appreciate all of the opportunities Jerry has provided me with and I use the skills that I learned at Tarheel in my daily work. I feel honored to have been a former intern at Tarheel and I wouldn’t be where I am today without working for Jerry.

Whether you want to become a pet trainer, working dog trainer or you are looking for a professional dog training center for your pet, Tarheel canine is your best choice!

Hsin-Ni Kuo