Tarheel Canine Personal Protection K9 Bazooka

The current health pandemic will have a devastating effect on the economy. Estimates say we will possibly lose 20% of our economic activity inside of a month with more disruptions on top of that down the road. It is likely that job losses will mount to unprecedented levels in the coming year as businesses navigate the uncertain waters cautiously. Lower wages and high unemployment historically leads to higher crime, especially property crime. But what starts as a property crime can turn violent and desperate. People must now take security much more seriously than ever before. Desperate times make desperate people. A properly trained protection dog should be part of your layered approach to security. Protection dogs are selected to provide companionship and family defense against those who would take from you and your family and potentially harm you and your children in the process. Protection dogs stay with you inside your home, and can travel in your car everywhere you and your family go.

Tarheel Canine is here to provide you and your family with a properly trained companion/protection K9 who will be vigilant when you are asleep, alert as you go about your daily routine and keep those who would do you and your family harm at bay. A famous study of incarcerated criminals revealed that when given the choice to be shot, stabbed or bitten by a trained K9, criminals preferred to be shot and stabbed before having to face a K9. The pure deterrent effect of owning a trained protection dog is worth the price, however, if the need arises these loving companions will fight with their lives for your family.

Contact us today to learn more about Tarheel Canine’s Elite Personal Protection K9s, and how you can have a great companion and peace of mind for your family in these troubled times.

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