Koa Dual Purpose Explosive


Male- Bi – Color GSD
DOB January 30th, 2016

Dual Purpose Dog

Price with Handler’s Course Certification (4 weeks) Explosives –
The cost for each dog, including training, handler course, certification, in-service training, and
annual recertification is $11,495.00 per dog. Housing cost is $650 for 4 weeks. Dual Purpose Equipment Kit (required) is $800 per dog. Total Cost (excluding equipment) is $12,145.00. Total Cost(including all required equipment) is $12,945.00.
Koa is a dual purpose dog finished in explosives. Strong dog with solid environmental’s and tracking. Not suitable for new handler. Very sharp.
If interested please email us at ciera-valentine@tarheelcanine.com
Call or email Jerry to find out if we have a dog that will suit your agency’s needs, (919)244-8044 or malinois_jb@mindspring.com