In Rememberance

 The previous post got me thinking about a poem I wrote after the loss of my Malinois Arrow. In the past 2 years our family has lost 2 more of thise very special dogs, Ricardo and TJ passed last year. Vets always give you the "Rainbow Bridge"  poem, but I thought we could do a little better than that and so here is my attempt in rememberance of Ben, Arrow, Penny, Rocky. Ricardo and TJ, all of whom enriched my life so greatly………



I looked at your face today, old man, and

I saw the face of our brother, long passed away.

The white face and the tired look in the eye

Of a dog ever tireless.

I miss you tonight and you’ve not yet left.

But, I know it’s not long.


You’ve been my teacher for some twelve years

And I’ve learned

About responsibility and forgiveness

Truth and loyalty

Laughter and the pure joy of living

The days that grace you.


Soon you’ll teach me your last lessons

About completion and grief,

Respect and remembrance.

How to cherish what you do have and waste not time

Coveting that which you don’t.

You see, I have listened all these years.


It seems we’ve arrived in this place too quickly

And I fear I’ve left something undone or unsaid

Though I know you’ll forgive me, you always have.

But what an adventure we’ve lived

Of successes and failures, an education each

Of faces and places come and gone

Some remembered, and some forgotten.


Every day has become dearer

The laughter has come more easily, and we are moved to simpler joys

No longer is it about trophies or championships

Those things are far away in the past.

We are more than that.


When I look at you now

There is such a dignity about you

Even in your last hours

Even in your pain and weakness

And I promise to recall you with that dignity

And that mischievous eye I’ve known all these years.


Come; lie down old man, at my feet.

Feel the fire on your tired body

Leave away the pains and the labored breath

We’ll think together about easier days

Though none more precious than this last one

Lie down, and rest with me now

You are my son, my teacher, and my brother.



© Girard William Bradshaw February 26, 2004