Dog Food

One of the best things we have done in a long time was to switch our dog food to Eagle Pack. Our police dogs are eating the kennel formulation, and many of my trainer’s dogs, including mine, are eating the Holistic Formula. I have been feeding my two dogs the Lamb and Rice formula. Click here to learn more about this food:

Most of our personal dogs are Malinois, and the stools are firm, the coats are looking great. Even if you overfeed some, the stools stay firm. The food is really palatable, even finicky eaters dive in face first.

I have to thank my friends Sean Siggins of Southern York Regional and Shawn Edwards of Baltmore City for pushing us to try this food. We have been through so many commercial foods at the kennel over the last 3 years. We most recently loved Royal Canin until they changed their formula to the "Diarrhea Formulation" they are currently selling despite a boatload of complaints from their customers.

We also pair this food with the supplement Vertex, which is sold through our ProShop at  This supplement, makes a great coat, reduces significantly any shededing of the coat, keeping transport vehicles and K9 units clean of hair! It has supplements for joint care, including MSM, and you can read more about all the benefits at: