TK9 in Brazil for Police/Military Seminar

Shawn Edwards & I arrived in Sao Paulo Brazil this morning….9 hour plane ride from Washington Dulles. Weather is pretty mild, high 70s during the day, and showers in the afternoons… of 4 million people … lots of traffic everywhere. Our host Luiz Gabriel of LGK9 picked us up at the airport and brought us to the hotel for some rest and a shower….then we went to a real Brazillian Churriscaria Barbecue a la Fogo de Chao for dinner.

Tomorrow we go to the Military base in the morning to set up for the detection portion of the seminar. There are 40 people registered for the seminar, coming from the Brazilian Military & Federal Police and from Argentine Military and from Chilean Military. We meet with our translator Roberto tonight to go over the details, and tomorrow we let it rip!

I will post pics here as soon as we get them…….