K9 Instructor School

Tarheel Canine’s Professional Dog Trainer School is a cut above the rest, not just for the progressive instruction, or the skilled instructors, but also because it is one of the only places where you can get hands on time with lots of dogs. Be they pet dogs in training for those working to be an obedience and behavior coach or instructor, or if you are going all the way into Police K9 Instruction, you get dogs and lots of them, at all levels of training, so you can master the adjustments needed to make every dog successful.

While theory is critical to provide a reference point for a training progression, hands on with dogs of all types and temperaments is critical. In our Police K9 instructor course, you will see Labs, malinois (both dual purpose and single purpose detection), and GSDs (Also, both dual purpose and single purpose). You will handle, you will decoy, you will run trailing tracks, and learn, above all, how to problem solve.

We will be happy to provide you with references, from civilians and police departments who have taken our courses.

For more information on our Trainer’s school: http://www.tarheelcanine.com/school.cfm

For an application, woth pricing: http://www.tarheelcanine.com/Documents/NorthStateApp.pdf

For more information, email Jerry Bradshaw: malinois_jb@mindspring.com