Special Dogs for Sale

Normally we don’t post our dogs for sale on the blog, but we have a few special cases I want to make prople aware of to see if there is any interest.

(1) Malinois, Patrol Dog. This dog is all about the bitework. He is 3.5 years old very sharp, about 60 pounds, pedigreed (AKC) very strong biting, has a release but no call off yet. Lots of basic obedience includinng heeling, motion exercises, recall etc. He needs a strong handler, not a green handler, but someone with experience to deal with him when he gets frustated he will sometimes come up and grab the leash. Dog goes in the front shoulder, and can take lots of pressure. Great environmentals. VERY GOOD PRICE to the right handler. Email me for Price and more info.

(2) German Shepherd, 4.5 year old dual purpose dog. Another dominant dog, very powerful in the bitework, completely trained for Patrol, tracking and narcotics. His dominance and age are what make him less expesive, but he is a great street dog. Again, this dog needs a strong handler who knows how to do more than try to dominate through force. He has punked a few people. We got him back because the handler left K9 and the agency had no one else willig to handle him that had experience. Call for price and more info.

(3) Malinois, 3.5 year old, 55 pounds, pedigreed Schutzhund Trained up to SchH 1 in OB and Protection, with some tracking imprinting completed. He has a very handler soft temperament, until he gets stimulated, and then he can come up the leash some. He isn’t coming out of malice, but frustration. Trained on e-collar, is reactive to pinch, but has a lot of great behavior developed. I have been playing with him for a personal dog but I just don’t have time to show in Schutzhund. Over the top retrieve drive, good hunting, beautiful obedience, fast and clean. Out is super clean. I have had him on the suit in the front. Extremely fast in the long attack!

Please, serious inquiries only, I can provide pics and video, but not to the just curious.

Jerry Bradshaw