PSA Regionals 2009 – Baltimore MD

The regional event was excellent. We had probably the best overall quality of dogs from top to bottom – from the PDCs to the PSA 3s and it was a pleasure to see the teams so well prepared. The venue was excellent at Brandon Woods park in MD near Baltimore. The same venue will be hosting the Nationals on October 31, 2009.

The weather held out for most of the day until the level 3s. The event was a joint event hosted by Metropolitan K9 and our own TK9 Protection Sports Association. The decoy work was top notch. Rob Kelly, Shawn Edwards, Chad Reynolds, John Daniels, Patrick Salerno, and Albert did a great job testing the dogs. Judge Rick Furrow made a very fair and challenging evaluation. The level 3 scearios were tough but very fair, and both days Greg Williams of Metropolitan K9 came extremely close to getting his level 3 closed out. I’m sure we will se him do it at Nationals!

The PSA Forum has all the results ( and in fact Janet Dooley of TK9 twittered and facebooked real time results, and we hope to continue to do this at all our trials including upcoming nationals, so that interested PSA followers can find out scores and results up to the minute!

Special thanks to Tree Furrow for coaching TK9s Gina Allen on how to do the trial secretary work, they both did an excellent job keeping the trial moving quickly and getting the final results tabulated.

Congratulations to all the participants, and thank you for the great sportsmanship!