Training in the US Virgin Islands

Jeff and I arrived without incident into St. Thomas, and were met by our friends from the VIPD to take the last 2 dogs on the contract, and give us a ride to the hotel. Being that it was late, around 9:30pm. we couldnt see much of the island from the roads.

We got to the hotel, and discovered that everything on the island shuts down around 10:00, and someone could make a fortune if they started an after-hours delivery service here.  We went to bed hungry and had a comfortable night’s rest.

Our accomodations are on the top of a large hillside overlooking the bay, but it wasn’t until the next morning that the full glory of the landscape was revealed to us. The water is a beautiful deep blue-green, and the lush hillsides that surround the bay, as well as the numerous uninhabited Cays, lend such depth to the view. Our room balcony stays in shade most of the day, and the warm breeze comes right to us being so nice and high above the water.

We ventured out this morning in search of something to eat and came to the hotel lobby for a quick bite before descending down the hill to the waterside where we ate and enjoyed the view of the bay. The walk back to the room was challenging as it is all uphill on winding roads for about a half mile, or you take some steep stairs cut into the hillside. All in all, though a very nice place to have to work.

Our hosts picked us up, and we doid some food shopping, since we are here for 2 weeks, we chose an efficiency. We are scheduled for a meet and greet with the police commissioner’s asst. and some other big wigs this afternoon. Links to pics and more to come tomorrow!