PSA East Coast Regionals, Sep 24th, 2011- Results & Highlights

The skies held up and the sun even began to peak through for the 10th Anniversary East Coast Regional Championships! There were 21 dogs registered for the event! It was quite an event and Bushido K9 did not dissapoint!

Thank you to Bushido K9 for hosting such a great event, thank you to the hard working decoys without whom we would not have a sport & thank you to all the competitors who were willing to step onto the field and show off themselves and their dogs. Hopefully everyone learned something, felt the judging was fair and consistent, and walked away with a better idea of what they need to work on for next time.


Hard Knocks Working Dog Club’s Chad Alden
Bushido K9’s Terry Bocai
2011 National East Coast Select Shawn Edwards
LIPD’s Eric Konoski
Tai Nero
Riptide K9 & 2011 National East Coast Select Jeff Riccio
Bushido K9’s Dave Pappalardo
Fenrir K9’s Steve Sheridan


PDC Sleeve:

Lois Magil & Sol (Dobe) Bushido K9
Al Feinstein & Nitro (GSD) Bushido K9
Amanda Ryan & Ditto (AM Bulldog) Bushido K9

Lawrence Armstrong & Vince (Cane Corso)

1st Place – Maynard Pease & Boy (Mali) Cavalier K9
2nd Place – Bob Campanile & Kramer (Mali)
3rd Place – Charlie Nigro & Briggs (Mali) No Boundaries
Rola Tseng-Pappalardo & Clint (Mali) Bushido K9 – passed
Tai Nero & Rivale Kopa (Cane Corso) – passed
Kristin Sicina & Nightmare (GSD) Bushido K9 – passed
Ed Atkinson & Badger (Mali) Cavalier K9 – passed
Jermane Gartrell & Homie – (Pitt)
Melanie Becker & Ema – GSD
Brett Cetrino & Camo
Antoine Austin & Kimbo

1st Place – Jonathan Katz & Uzi (Mali) – passed
2nd Place – David Pappalardo & Car (GSD)

1st Place – Ariel Peldunus & Blitzen (Mali)
2nd Place – Nicole Malsam & Chloe (Mali)
3rd Place – Hill Schwartzman & Rex (Dutchie) – Mid Atlantic WDC
Janet Dooley & Zuko (Mali)

High Overall OB: Tai & Kopa
High Overall Protection: Maynard & Boy
High Owner Trained: Jonathan & Uzi
High In Trial: Maynard & Boy
High Owner Club: Jonathan for Bushido K9
Fave Decoy as Voted by Handlers: Jeff Riccio
Fave Dog as Voted by Decoy: Clint

We hope to see everyone at the 10th Anniversary PSA Nationals, October 22-23rd in Maryland!