Heather Sheldon – (Protection Dog Owner)

He has adjusted remarkably well in the time that he has been here, and has quickly become my all-time favorite out of the 4 GSDs I have owned.  As you well know, it can take several months or more for a dog to fully adapt and bond to his new environment and owner, and while Rex and I have had our “miscommunications” along the way, I wouldn’t trade him or those experiences for the world, because he’s teaching me a lot along the way.  I got exactly what I asked for in terms of a “harder” personality and temperament with this dog, and he has no shortage of attitude, which I adore.  He definitely requires a firm handler, but with a light touch; he responds to commands on a dime once he understands who the boss is.  He is quite eager to please, but will push back if he isn’t “read” properly in a given situation.  Basically, he’s ready-to-go; “push-button”, if you will, but he definitely has his own mind – I love this about him.

I would purchase him again several times over; he’s got the perfect comedic, edgy, yet reserved personality, and we make a pretty cool pair.  I am so pleased with the dog that was chosen and trained for me – you guys listened when I explained what I was after, and my expectations have been exceeded.  I appreciate the time that you and Amanda both took to help acclimate him to his new home here, and have gotten many compliments on how well-behaved, handsome, and intelligent Rex is.  I’m most grateful!  Thanks!