Janet Dooley (Student & Former TK9 Head Trainer) – Stateline Canine, Hanover, PA

Attending Tarheel Canine’s Dog Trainer School gave me more than a career.  It gave me a life changing experience of new friends, a job that I look forward to everyday and the tools to become more successful than I ever imagined.  The only thing that I showed up to Tarheel Canine with was a passion for dogs; I had zero knowledge or experience of their training or behavior and zero knowledge of starting a business.  I left with all of the tools and confidence necessary to successfully start my own business and career.   Since attending I have trained thousands of dogs for families, law enforcement and SAR groups from all over the country.  I have also trained my own dog, Zuko (that I purchased from Jerry), for competition and have titled him to the highest level in PSA, won 2 PSA National Championships and won several High Obedience and High Protection awards.  Zuko is also trained in narcotics detection and has been on several national television shows as well as local news channels. This is all thanks to Jerry and Tarheel Canine Training!!

For anyone looking to become a professional dog trainer, Tarheel Canine Training is the only option in my opinion. There is no other school in the country that can prepare you like Jerry and his staff!

Janet Dooley
Stateline Canine, PA