Chad Reynolds (Instructor School Student) – Texas

Having a respectable background in sport protection and Army patrol dogs I came to Tarheel K9 looking to enhance my knowledge of working dogs in the areas of detection and man trailing. After the first day I knew I was in the right spot and the old adage of “you’re never done learning” rang true. To say it simply, you are completely submersed in working dogs. At Tarheel K9 you get a refined professional education, complete with classrooms, lectures, and paper cuts as well as more hands on and on the job experience than you can absorb. This wasn’t the twice a week two hour long club meetings I was used to. I literally lived, slept, and breathed training my entire time there and developed a knowledge base that can only come from that kind of environment.

Today I use this education for side jobs as well as in my numerous working dog hobbies. My education at Tarheel K9 has made me a welcome sight at military working dog facilities and local police K9 departments. The methods I was taught at Tarheel K9 have empowered and qualified me to be a paid consultant for local departments while easily transcending to my hunting dog kennel allowing me to produce quality working dogs.

Whether you’re looking to open your own training school, qualify for a working K9 job, or just satisfy that desire and learn everything you can, Tarheel K9 is the place to go.

Chad Reynolds
Certified PSA Decoy