Diana Sulas (Pet Obedience Client) – Sanford, NC


Sunday and Yesterday Bupkis and I went for our typical 5 mile runs.  As we returned home from our 5 mile run, the most dreaded of all things happened, a German shepherd mix came out of nowhere to aggress us. I called for help an no one came (terrifying- I returned home in tears!). Bupkis and I were alone, in a field and the dog was about 4 ft from us growling, snarling, barking. If you remember, I originally brought Bupkis to you because he was fear aggressive.

THANKS TO YOU! We were able to leave the situation and no one (dog or human) was harmed. Bupkis reared up, and I corrected him. Immediately he was at my side looking for guidance. (no shock collar, just the choke) Once we passed, I praised him with hotdogs and a “bupkis party” that consists of hugs and belly rubs. Unfortunately, even after talking with the owner and explaining the situation, he has refused to either tie up, watch, or kennel his dog. And Bupkis and I had to deal with the situation again yesterday. This time we were prepared with mace, and unfortunately it seems we will have to train the aggressor dog on our own, or call the police. But each time we have passed, Bupkis has become more confident in his safety, and my ability to guide him past the “gauntlet” at the end of our driveway.

Thanks again. I really cannot express in words how much the training you did improved our lives. It was well worth the money, heartache of separation, and more. Bupkis is a wonderful dog and I thank you for the chance to give him a wonderful life, full of 5 mile runs, fetch and squirrel chasing despite what the world throws at him.