Becky & Joe Shanahan (Obedience Clients) – North Carolina

I brought Miller (1 yr old Golden Retriever) to Anna in April for some basic obedience work.  We rescued him from the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue as a tiny puppy.  I have had several Golden Retrievers through the years and have had great success with training them.  However, Miller and I were just not communicating well.  And, I have to admit, I knew it was my fault.  I wasn’t spending enough time with him. So, he was being obnoxious, which made me want to spend less time with him.  So, Anna was enlisted to break our cycle!  Miller was jumping on everyone he could, including my kids. He was rotten on his leash, which meant he didn’t get many walks!  He would follow me around the kitchen and bite my pants while I cooked dinner.  Anna had him for the initial 3 weeks and he came home a changed dog.  I then sent him back for the extended training to learn “place” and a reliable recall.  He came back in June as a completely different, but happy dog!  He now goes to my kids sporting events with us.  He gets two walks a day…my kids can even walk him!  He sits in his “place” while I cook dinner and while we eat dinner!  I knew he had the potential but I just wasn’t putting in the time for him!  I’m so glad that we found Anna, so she could do the work and we just get to reap the rewards.  Anna taught Miller and I a language that we both understand now.  It was certainly worth the money and time spent!


Thank you so much!

Becky, Abbey, and Joe Shanahan

and Miller, too!!!