Brooks Varnell (Instructor School Student) – GA Dept. of Natural Resources

After handling K9’s for the last twelve years for my department they asked me to take over the K9 unit. Once I accepted the position the department wanted to send me to a trainer school were I could further my K9 education. I had already trained two green dogs of my own and had assisted in training several more for my department. My thinking was I had a pretty good idea of what our needs were for the K9 unit but was excited to be getting certified as a K9 trainer. I tried to go into this school with an open mind but to be honest was looking for the piece of paper. It did not take me long to figure out that I had a lot to learn. The training and experience that I received during this school was far beyond my expectation. The hands on experience with the dogs matched with your expert trainers made for a great learning environment. I learned something new from every trainer on staff. I have taken my new found knowledge and applied it to my everyday K9 training. It opened my eyes to never become complacent in the K9 training world.

Brooks Varnell

K9 Handler/Supervisor

GA Dept. of Natural Resources