Police K9 Handler (Decoy & Patrol Seminar) – US Army, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Just wanted to send a quick e-mail in regard to the decoy / detection class I attended at Ft. Leavenworth last week. Janet Dooley did a great job of instructing the class and representing Tarheel canine. I’ve only had my dog (Berry) for 18 months so anytime I can pick up new ways of training I am all about it. I only wish I had attended your decoy class about 2 months earlier as I had a difficult time getting through the NPCA patrol dog certification this spring. Having Tarheels ideas on redirection and call-offs may have may the tune-up process a little easier. My agency will be in the market for a new patrol/dope dog next year. If I am given any input on where to purchase, Tarheel Canine will be on the list. Thanks.

Matt Hashagen