Sgt. Wayne Fisher (Decoy School) – Warner Robins, GA PD


Wish to say thank you again for Tarheel Canine and all you stand for.  The
seminar you held with us was very informational and I believe all
participants had equal opportunity to develop their decoying skills. Your
manner of presentation of information, as well as Sean Siggins energy, which
I wish I could tap into was beyond comparison.  I know our new handlers
which participated in the seminar now have a vastly improved understanding
of the importance of the decoy in the training equation of the canines in

I also know that the third handler, as well as myself, both having attended
this seminar in the past, had great benefit from the opportunity to be
present.  I took quite a few notes from your presentation on points which
our program needs to pay closer attention to.  This was a good thing as we
need to be honest in how we review our program in gauging where we are at.
The only regret I had was being on-call for canine services during this
seminar which precluded more involvement on my part.  As always I recommend
Tarheel Canine for all of ones canine needs to those who ask me.

We look forward to future training opportunities that we hope to attend
involving Tarheel Canine.

Wishing you and your staff continued success,

Sgt. Wayne Fisher
Canine Unit Supervisor
Warner Robins Police Dept.
800 S. Young Ave.
Warner Robins, GA  31093