K9 Officer Greg Vollmer (Instructor School Student) – University of Oklahoma PD

My name is Greg Vollmer. I attended school at Tarheel K-9 from Jan, 7th 2013 thru Feb 22nd 2013 and I have been a police officer for 24 years and served on several specialized law enforcement units. Most recently I was appointed to the Norman/OU Police Bomb Squad and assigned an explosive detection K-9. I have had my K-9 (Caesar) since he was 6 months old and we had trained him from the time he was 6 months old to detect explosives.  After being with Caesar for about 1 1/2 years it was determined that I should go to a handler’s and Law Enforcement Instructor/Trainers course at Tarheel K-9. I have to say that I honestly did not have any idea how much I did not know about training or handling dogs. The amount of information that I received during the two combined courses is overwhelming.  The field work was a combination of what we learned in class and actually doing it out in the field.  I can’t say enough about the trainers at Tarheel (Tracey, Anna and Sean). They are absolutely the best.  I have noticed a great deal of improvement in the way I handle and train our dogs since I have completed the course. We are now looking at starting a PSA Oklahoma Chapter and have established NTPDA as one of the certifying associations for CLEET (Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training) in Oklahoma. The new state law mandates that all explosives detection K-9’s Must certify yearly and maintain certification.  Attending K-9 trainers course has quite possibly been the best Law Enforcement Course that I have attended. I can’t say enough about the convenience of living in the dorms. Close to class and local stores and restaurants. I have to add that my dog and I were Tarheel and NTPDA Certified for explosives detection and I got my trainers certificate.  It’s not the easiest of schools but anybody can take the easy way.