Sgt Chris Boyd (Instructor School Student) – Madison, WI PD

To Police Agencies Considering Tarheel Canine,

 The City of Madison Police Department K9 Unit has seven dual purpose K9 teams.  Our last five K9s were purchased from Tarheel.

Our department purchased our K9s from other venders until I attended a training conference were Jerry Bradshaw was presenting on dog aggression.  He impressed me as an excellent speaker and trainer.  I spoke with him afterwords, and it was clear he had a great deal of experience and knowledge training officers and police K9s.

I thought I knew a lot about K9 training until I took Tarheel’s trainers course. I learned what I should have already known and a ton more.  I saw first hand Tarheel’s high standards for K9 selection and came to know their skilled training team. Since then, Madison P.D. has sent all new K9 handlers to Tarheel for their initial training.  We purchase K9s from Tarheel because they are sociable, have strong working drives, and receive a solid training foundation.

Most importantly, I choose to work with Tarheel because I believe in their training methods and trust Jerry Bradshaw and his staff.  They work hard to provide top notch K9s and quality training.  They stand behind their products and provide support when needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Tarheel’s training programs and police K9s.


Sergeant Chris Boyd

K9 Supervisor and Trainer

City of Madison Police Department