Officer Mike Moore (K9 Handler) – Cheltenham Township, PA



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Odie is doing and ask you an obedience question.


Odie is doing very well.  We have had three apprehensions and a nice evidence recovery following a long hard surface track.  (All three apprehensions were surrenders…no bites yet.) He seems to really be coming into his own.   He is confident and very powerful in his strikes and grips.  Our unit has greatly benefited from the Tarheel approach to training.  It is so much easier to train with a minimum level of compulsion, rather than a heavy handed approach.  We had the opprotunity this week at the USPCA Spring workshop to show an officer from Cherry Hill NJ, how a back tie and out session worked.  His dog responded wonderfully and he was amazed at how calm his dog was during the bite and the out.  I suggested your book to him for future reference.


I am preparing Odie for the PD1’s in September.  Odie’s obedience has really been coming along.  I have used food and a clicker to guide his behavior and as it has become consistent, I have moved over to a jute roll.  My only issue is distance control.  I need to be able to change his position from about 30 yards away.  (i.e. sit by voice, down by hand, etc.)  I can stand about 10 feet away and easily change positions. However, when I start moving further back, Odie wants to come in to within 10 feet or so.  Should I just continue to slowly fade distance into the equation?  Or is there a better way to do this?


Montgomery Township was just approved for a bomb/patrol dog.  Bob Hart asked if I was available to make the trip down to look at dogs with them.  I hope that my schedule allows for it, I would love to stop down and see everyone.


Mike Moore

Cheltenham Township Police