Officer Bob Dougherty (K9 Handler) – Cheltenham Township, PA Police

From: Bob Dougherty – Cheltenham Township, PA Police K9 Handler/USPCA Regional Trainer

To:  Jerry Bradshaw Tarheel Canine Training Inc.,

May 3, 2014

Jerry as you know our K9 unit made a major change due to budget and manpower constraints a few years ago from what our department had been doing since the 1970’s when our unit was formed.  When we were told to find other options to keep the unit going forward, it was not difficult for us in choosing to use Tarheel based on attending a few seminars instructed by you and Sean, and the working dogs we had seen produced from Tarheel.  We are extremely pleased with Rocky and Odie and the training provided to our handlers.  So much so that we have taken our two other dogs trained from a more compulsion based philosophy and retrained them using the methods brought back by our handlers from their training with your staff.  We now have a solid unit of balanced dogs which have all proven themselves on the street.  We have been able to share many of the training techniques and philosophy with other K9 teams in our area for the betterment of the profession.

On a personal note I suppose at one time in our careers as handlers and trainers we are all “old school” at some point.  I want to thank you and Sean for being two handler/trainers who are excited about sharing information, teaching, offering transparent training and mentoring other’s in an often closed door profession with a mentality of “I know something you won’t” or “This is how it’s done…because I say so”.  For me, 28 years working with dogs I am very happy not to know everything because it is exciting to want to learn more, and to be humble when it comes to training dogs.  It is when I meet people like you that I understand that training dogs is a life long experience.