Officer Mike Apple (K9 Handler) – Alamance County, NC Sheriff’s Office

On 4-26-14 around 1600 hours, Grim was called out to look for a missing person who was threatening to kill himself. Grim tracked for about 150 yards from the last known location, locating the 18 year old standing in a downed tree about 25 feet above the ground.

The male had tied a rope in the tree with a hangman’s knot. He was challenged by myself and Grim and eventually surrendered without incident.

To Jerry Bradshaw and the team at Tarheel Canine… we can find all the drugs and cash in the world, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling of locating someone in this circumstance and keeping them from taking their own life. On behalf of my agency, I want to thank you guys for finding me such an awesome partner!!!! You guys are the best!

K9 Officer Mike Apple

Alamance County, NC Sheriff’s Office