Samantha Triplett, Professional Trainer (Instructor School Student) – St. Petersburg, FL

When I first arrived at Tarheel Canine as a student, I was planning on furthering my education in sport dogs as well as pet dogs. However, what I gained was so much more. Tarheel Canine not only gave me an excellent education in police, military, sport, and pet dogs, but it also gave me other outlets to expand my previous dog training experience and business. Before beginning at Tarheel, I was a trainer at a pet motel focusing primarily on pet dogs’ basic obedience as well as a trainer at a Schutzhund kennel. Soon, I found that working with dogs was my true passion, and I began to aspire to make a career out of it. That’s when I decided to call several dog training programs and begin to tour them. When I arrived at Tarheel Canine, it immediately felt like a second home. Everyone was extremely welcoming, friendly, accommodating and informational. I knew right away that Tarheel Canine was the right fit for me. As a student, the mix between hands-on learning and lectures was extremely beneficial. I couldn’t speak higher of the trainers at Tarheel Canine. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and truly put in the extra effort not only with the students but with the dogs as well. It is very refreshing and inspirational to see the passion they have day after day. After seeing the PSA club at Tarheel Canine, I decided to purchase a Belgian Malinois from Jerry before I left as a student. Little did I know that this dog would become not only a very strong sport dog, but also be an invaluable asset to my business as a demo dog. Ruco, my Malinois, has helped me establish my reputation as a respected trainer in the police dog field as well as helped me to expand my business into the personal protection dog field. Still to this day, the trainers at Tarheel Canine and Jerry are very supportive of Ruco and I. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of their help in our progress. After my business started to become successful in the areas of obedience, behavior modification, and personal protection, I decided to expand into one area that I really missed doing since my time at Tarheel Canine, which was detection. I saw the opportunity in my area to have a narcotics detection dog, and did not hesitate on where to go for assistance. Trusting that Jerry knew exactly what I was looking for in a dog, I followed his advice and purchased a German Short Haired Pointer, and went up to Tarheel for my handler’s course. I could not be happier with the dog I selected, and the training we received. The trainers really put in the extra effort into making us an extremely successful team. Begonia, my Pointer, and I really are two peas in a pod. We could not be a better team. Needless to say, I could not be more thankful for my education at Tarheel Canine, and the two dogs I have received from them. I will forever be grateful to Jerry and the trainers at Tarheel Canine for helping me make a business out of my passion. I can honestly say that I love what I do everyday. It is an amazing feeling knowing where I started, and looking at the business that I own now.


Samantha Triplett

Owner and Head Master Trainer of STK9 Training Company, INC.