Kristin & Nick McCartney (Pet Obedience Clients) – Massachusetts

Dear Jerry,

We recently had our dog Cooper, a diagnosed “severely fear-aggressive” pitbull, participate in Tarheel Canine’s In-Board Training program. We live in Massachusetts and were referred to your training program, obscurely, by  my uncle who lives in North Carolina. After a few somewhat frustrating conversations with Kiery, I finally spoke with Chasity, who set my mind completely at ease about leaving our dog in the care of your staff. We were definitely apprehensive about it, since we are a 13-hour drive away from your facility. There are many programs in our area, but none of them seemed to be as comprehensive while still being within our limited budget. While he was in the care of your facility, anytime I contacted Chasity for an update on Cooper’s progress she would always respond very quickly. She was always unbelievably friendly and confident and was even willing to come in on a Saturday to accommodate us picking him up since my husband’s work schedule would not allow us to make the trip down on a weekday.  She also helped us reintroduce him to our other dog, Samantha, which was very nerve-wracking since we had been keeping them separated for just under a year. Immediately upon picking Cooper up, we were absolutely amazed at his transformation. A dog that was basically paralyzed by his fear of other dogs is now perfectly comfortable off-leash, and we feel completely in control. The day we got back home, not only were we able to take Cooper for a walk (it’s the little things, really), we brought him into a pet store! Chasity equipped us with all the information we would need for his continued progress, and even contacted me to check on how he was transitioning back at home. She made me feel very comfortable about contacting her should any situation come up for which I may need her advice. She is truly the best person for the job she has.

Having a new baby in the house, Cooper’s lack of discipline and general erratic and fearful behavior was definitely a huge cause for concern. I can honestly say I would lay awake at night in tears over the fear of having to give up our dog, who is very much a member of our family. In no uncertain terms, Chasity Mitchell and Tarheel Canine saved us.

I cannot thank you enough.


Kristin & Nick McCartney