High Risk Deployment Seminar- Baltimore County Police K9 Unit


Thank you again for making space for us in the class!  And I am more than happy to provide a critique.

In reference to the High Risk Deployment class held in Ocean City, MD from April 10-12, 2018, I found the class to be both packed with information and filled with pertinent hands on training opportunities that expanded my and my K9 partner’s skill sets.  The classroom presentations were very well organized, thorough and showed the extensive knowledge of K9 behavior for which Mr. Bradshaw is known.  I particularly enjoyed the insights he shared regarding search techniques.  Along with classroom lectures, ample opportunities to engage in practical scenarios allowed us to apply what we learned and begin the process of honing those skills, all under the experienced eye of the trainer.  As I have always experienced during any class with Mr. Bradshaw, he is also more than willing to address other areas of K9 behavior and training such as outs, grip work and handler sensitivity throughout the class.  I felt as though I was able to not only introduce my partner to new skills, but I unexpectedly also found new ways to improve other areas of his performance.  Overall, this was a great class that met, and exceeded, all of my expectations.  Thank you again!

If there is anything else I can do  for you, please let me know!

K9 Handler/Trainer
Baltimore County Police Department