High Risk Deployment Seminar- Middletown Police Department

I thought the class was well put together and allowed the dogs to be exposed to different environmental obstacles, with a short turn around time between the exposure and then having to deal with it in practical scenarios.  I thought the class size was reasonable and allowed the dogs to get in a good amount of short but intense reps.  With hindsight always being 20/20, I would have liked the class to have been at least 4 days.  I know you have to balance your time along with that of the agencies sending their teams, but extending it by another day would allow for the dogs to be exposed to more environmental obstacles and the ability to add in more complex scenarios for both the dogs and handlers.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to experience a different training perspective and I feel it was an immeasurable benefit for all who attended.  

K9 Handler/K-9 Ranger
Middletown Police Department