High Risk Deployments- Polk County

Hey Jerry,

I just wanted to send you some feedback from the seminar you put on in Polk County. I thought the instruction was awesome. I have been listening to your podcasts for a few months now so I was excited to get too meet you in person. I have learned a lot just from the podcasts, the seminar just reaffirmed some of the things I was learning from the podcasts. I was the handler with the brand new dog so I was really happy with the one on one I was able to get from you on helping to build the dog up a little. The positives I took away from the seminar was the building search techniques with the long lines. I also thought the different things the decoys were doing with the dogs like the sheet, and the fending with the pool were really beneficial and are things we are going to add to our future training. I also got a lot out of the discussions in the classroom. The only negative I could think of was the number of people in the class limited the reps each dog could get during the day. I know from a business standpoint it wouldn’t be worth your time for a smaller class so I totally understand.   I appreciate y’all coming down and I hope we can convince our sergeant to either bring you back down or send a couple of us to some of your other classes.

Thank you,

DJ Cranor (PCSO)