Pet Obedience

Pet Obedience Program

Tarheel Canine’s pet obedience program is an all-breed pet obedience training program geared to make your life with your dog easier and more rewarding. We are one of the nation’s premier facilities for dog obedience training and behavior problem management. We offer on-leash and off leash training, from young dogs to older dogs. Our behavior management addresses problem behaviors such as aggression, shyness, hyperactivity and more. Call today to speak with a trainer regarding any specific problems you are having with your dog.

Our obedience training is designed to help you communicate effectively with your pet, and integrate him or her into your family’s daily routine. We teach basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come and heel, and how to use these commands to your advantage whether at home or on a walk. Our off leash training allow a greater level of control. Whether going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just around your property you get freedom from the leash, allowing for more exercise, and a happier pet.

What is In-Board Training & Why should I consider it?

There are three phases to training your dog: The teaching phase, the correction phase, and the proofing phase. The teaching phase is where we teach the dog the association between a command and a physical action on the dog’s part (for example, to sit). The correction phase is where we teach the dog that the obedience commands are not optional, and he must do them the first time we give a command. The proofing phase is where we expose the dog to all manner of new environments, and distractions.

The most difficult phases are the first two phases. First of all, you must be consistent, and provide countless opportunities for repetition (practice, practice, practice) to enable the dog to make a strong and permanent association between the commands and the actions on each of the commands taught. In this phase we must be sensitive to the dog’s temperament and personality, and be both psychologist and motivator, helping the dog to understand. Problem solving skills are crucial on the part of the trainer, and having the time available to devote is also critical. In the correction phase we must teach the dog corrections, how to respond to them and the same principles of time, patience and consistency are necessary.

In-board training, also called in-kennel training, means your dog stays with us and the professionals at Tarheel Canine take your dog through the first two phases of training. YOUR JOB is then to maintain the training. Included at no additional cost in our in-board program is a videotape of your dog showing what commands he knows, how to give the command and hand signals properly, and how to correct mistakes properly. Also, we include free follow-up lessons in which we show you how to handle your dog, properly reinforce his behavior, and what to do when he makes mistakes. You are entitled to free follow-up training for the life of your dog. Any time you have a question or a problem, whether it is related to our training or not, you may return for free private lessons. In short, you get all the support you need.

The most frequently asked question is: If you guys do the training, will my dog only listen to you? The answer is a resounding NO! Think about this: Who trains guide dogs for the handicapped? Professionals do, then the recipients are shown how to work with the dogs once they are trained. Who trains the majority of Police K-9’s? Professionals do and then the officer is shown how to work with the dog and maintain his training. Our In-board program simply does the same thing for the pet owner. And on top of it all, we guarantee our work! You won’t regret making this easy on yourself.

Customizing Options

We offer these packages with the option of customizing the course for special needs or problems, including behavior modification including aggression problems (read below), training of additional commands like stand in place (for people who want to show in conformation we can prepare the dog for many aspects of the show ring), attention heeling for competitive obedience, basic alert training for watchdogs, and many others. Call our trainers to discuss the custom options in which you might be interested. Custom option pricing varies.

Behavior Modification Programs

Every behavior a dog exhibits is natural, but sometimes these behaviors conflict with what we would like the dog to do. This is the essence of behavior problems. Behaviors we do not like our dogs to exhibit (chewing, jumping up for example) or simply cannot tolerate (aggression, destructiveness, for example).

Tarheel Canine can offer programs for behavior modification in the areas of aggression, shyness, destructiveness (chewing, digging, general unruliness), hyperactivity, and many others.

At Tarheel Canine, we consistently get excellent results with even the most severe behavior cases including aggression and shyness. Great results also depend crucially on the owner’s willing participation in the training and behavior modification process to implement the program at home, and follow the instructions of the trainers. We make a point to keep abreast of the newest developments in the area of canine behavior, and to implement cutting edge programs of behavior modification with our client’s problem dogs.

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