Welcome to Tarheel Canine Training! We are a full service canine training kennel located in Sanford, North Carolina owned by renowned trainer and author Jerry Bradshaw. Jerry’s experience and progressive training methods have made Tarheel Canine an industry leader in training and service. Jerry is co-founder of the civilian protection sport PSA (www.psak9.org) and the Police K9 Certification organization known as the National Tactical Police Dog Association NTPDA (www.tacticalcanine.com). Jerry is the author of Controlled Aggression, and the forthcoming book, Commonsense Pet Training. Jerry and his trainers have appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, and in many regional and National print publications.

Not So Shy Anymore

Not so shy anymore! Written by Jerry Bradshaw- Published in Tell Tail Magazine Vol. III, Issue 3 November-January 2017 PDF Version TT_Pg1-40_Nov16-Jan2017Revised Not so shy anymore. If you think about it, it’s kind of a dirty trick to take a species … Continue reading Not So Shy Anymore

Bradshaw’s book Controlled Aggression available…

Jerry Bradshaw’s book Controlled Aggression available in paperback or as a downloadable E-Book is a resource for understanding fundamental canine protection training for canine sport (PSA), police and security K9s. It is a blueprint for creating strong fundamentals as well … Continue reading Bradshaw’s book Controlled Aggression available…

Personal Protection Dog- Vader

  Vader, a personal protection dog, is enjoying his new job of keeping his family safe in South Carolina.

Samantha Triplett, Professional Trainer (Instructor School Student) – St. Petersburg, FL

When I first arrived at Tarheel Canine as a student, I was planning on furthering my education in sport dogs as well as pet dogs. However, what I gained was so much more. Tarheel Canine not only gave me an … Continue reading Samantha Triplett, Professional Trainer (Instructor School Student) – St. Petersburg, FL