Welcome to Tarheel Canine Training! We are a full service canine training kennel located in Sanford, North Carolina owned by renowned trainer and author Jerry Bradshaw. Jerry’s experience and progressive training methods have made Tarheel Canine an industry leader in training and service. Jerry is co-founder of the civilian protection sport PSA (www.psak9.org) and the Police K9 Certification organization known as the National Tactical Police Dog Association NTPDA (www.tacticalcanine.com). Jerry is the author of Controlled Aggression, and the forthcoming book, Commonsense Pet Training. Jerry and his trainers have appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, and in many regional and National print publications.

Six Keys To K9 Narcotic Detection Success

Six Keys To K9 Narcotic Detection Success The Journal/ Spring 2018 PDF Having just returned from teaching an advanced narcotics detection seminar I thought I would share some observations that could help make any narcotics unit more successful. Once your … Continue reading Six Keys To K9 Narcotic Detection Success

Jerrys New Interview!

Over The Top Dog Sports Through The Protection Sports Association with Jerry Bradshaw, Ep #15 Link The Protection Sports Association (PSA) is the brainchild of Nick and Joe’s guest today: Jerry Bradshaw. Jerry was already a highly accomplished trainer before … Continue reading Jerrys New Interview!

Customs Operations

Dear Sir. Allow me to make use of this opportunity to thank you for an excellent seminar. Although I am in the dog training environment for some time, I learned a hell of a lot from you. I love your method … Continue reading Customs Operations