Welcome to Tarheel Canine Training! We are a full service canine training kennel located in Sanford, North Carolina owned by renowned trainer and author Jerry Bradshaw. Jerry’s experience and progressive training methods have made Tarheel Canine an industry leader in training and service. Jerry is co-founder of the civilian protection sport PSA (www.psak9.org) and the Police K9 Certification organization known as the National Tactical Police Dog Association NTPDA (www.tacticalcanine.com). Jerry is the author of Controlled Aggression, and the forthcoming book, Commonsense Pet Training. Jerry and his trainers have appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, and in many regional and National print publications.

Controlled Aggression Podcast!

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New Working Dog Radio Interview

Episode 18: Controlled Aggression with Jerry Bradshaw

Training at CPCA 2018- Barrie, Ontario

    Last day of training at CPCA 2018 Barrie Ontario. Knowing how to manipulate drives in addition to progressive resistance training makes for progress on the grip work!

Police K9 Handler (Decoy Seminar) – Kentucky State Police

I have enjoyed the last three days very much. The training in our K9 program is very similar with more differences in some of the mechanics. As you were able to see with “Chaos” (the black GSD with the out … Continue reading Police K9 Handler (Decoy Seminar) – Kentucky State Police