Pet Obedience

Pet dog obedience trainingTarheel Canine’s pet obedience program is an all-breed pet obedience training program geared to make your life with your dog easier and more rewarding. We are one of the nation’s premier facilities for dog obedience training and behavior problem management. We offer on-leash and off leash training, from young dogs to older dogs. Our behavior management addresses problem behaviors such as aggression, shyness, hyperactivity and more. Call today to speak with a trainer regarding any specific problems you are having with your dog.

Our obedience training is designed to help you communicate effectively with your pet, and integrate him or her into your family’s daily routine. We teach basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come and heel, and how to use these commands to your advantage whether at home or on a walk. Our off leash training allow a greater level of control. Whether going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just around your property you get freedom from the leash, allowing for more exercise, and a happier pet.