Training Articles

The following is just a small sample of training articles that Jerry Bradshaw, CEO & Training Director of Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. has written:

Patrol/Protection Training:

Component Training Competition Obedience Skills

Buying The Right Bite Suit

The Origins of The Modern American Police K9: The K9 Sports of Europe

Verbal Out, Out & Return and Tactical Release: Part 3

Verbal Out, Out & Return and Tactical Release: Part 2

Canine Social Status & Police K9 Washouts

Verbal Out, Out & Return and Tactical Release: Part 1

Environmental Challenges

Component Training in Controlled Aggression

Focusing Your Patrol Dog on Human Apprehension

Preparing for the Handler Attack in PSA1

Drive Development and Hold & Bark

Drive Channeling in the Working Dog: Part 1

Defense Training the Young Prospect

Prey Training the Young Prospect

Advanced Back Tie Training for Patrol Dogs

Targeting the Bite Suit for Police Service Dogs

Key Elements in Scenario-Based Training

Introduction to Protection Sports Association (PSA)

Decoy & Patrol Training

From Selection to Street

Selecting a Police Dog Candidate

Supervision & Maintenance of a New K9 Team

Conducting Quality In-Service Training


Component Training for Police K9 Detection



Control & Attention Fundamentals in the Schutzhund Competition Dog

Training the Attention Heel

Basic E-Collar Training for the Police K9

Back to Basic Position in Obedience

Training Efficiently

Formulating a Strategy for Showing Your Dog



Component Training for Police K9s: Tracking


Behavior Modification/Temperament Issues:

Dealing with Dominance Aggression

Temperment & Pet Dog Training

Sibling Rivalry: Strategies to Reduce Squabbles

House Training 101