Our Facility

We are a premiere training facility in the southeast located at 230 W. Seawell Street in Sanford, NC. Our facility is easy to access from Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Greensboro with Highway US 1 and Highways 87 & 421 going right through Sanford.

Our facility is an NC DHR Licensed Dog Boarding Kennel which is run not only to meet the needs of our training clients, but is now open to all dogs for boarding. In addition our training school has our Proprietary School License through the North Carolina Community College System. 

Training Facilities

Our primary indoor facility is a 12,000 square foot building with 60 kennel run capacity (30 runs dedicated to pet obedience training), 2 lecture classrooms, conference / counseling room, grooming area and full kitchen. Our facility is climate controlled for maximum comfort, and all dogs are indoors in the evening. We have a trainer who lives on site with access to the kennel 24 hours a day, and a full modern security system.

Outside is our 1500 square foot training area. We also have two fenced outdoor areas, one for training, and one with 10 outdoor runs for our clients dogs to get time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine during the day.

In 2014, we acquired a second facility for training known as our Tactical Training center (TTC). This is a 22,000 square foot facility comprised of three buildings that was previously a long term care center. Slick institutional floors and long hallways with many opposing doors make this an invaluable resource for detection work as well as tactical deployment of police dogs in building searches. The sheer size of the facility allows trainers to be working on different groups of dogs in different specialties and never get in one another’s way. The TTC also has seven acres of land attached to it, with vehicles in the parking lot for vehicle searches, parking area for hard surface tracking, out-buildings and fields for searching, tracking in soft surface and another obedience field that is lighted for night training.

Additional Training Facilities

Our partnerships with local law enforcement & emergency management affords us opportunities to train at two different 100+ acre farms, the local Emergency Services training facility which includes airplane hangers, and vehicle impound facilities, a 150,000 square foot warehouse, local secondary and high schools, and a local semi-truck transfer facility. In service training partnerships also exist with the RDU Airport Authority for police K9 training at the international airport facilities. There is also a 12 acre outdoor training facility and 25 run kennel, which includes an outdoor training field, K-9 agility equipment, and wooded areas for trailing and area searches.


Student housing is available on site in our dormitories which are located at the training facility in Sanford, NC as well as offsite locations. The dorms consist of 6 furnished rooms, fully air conditioned, with separate male and female bathrooms. There is a kitchen available with refrigerator, food storage cabinets, and microwave oven. Each student has a private room. The dorms are located conveniently near Food Lion grocery store, cash machine and restaurants in walking distance to the training facility and dorms. Personal dogs are welcome to stay in the room with you. There is a maximum of 2 well behaved personal dogs per student. Students must bring crates for the dogs to stay in when they are not in the room. The monthly rate for housing is $850.00.

We invite you to call us to arrange an appointment to meet the trainers and tour our facility.