Our blog was switched on today, and we are looking forward to sharing information, discussing relevant topics in dog training, and using this forum to highlight the programs and opportunities available at Tarheel Canine.

In the meantime, look at our new & improved Pro Shop, now featuring the Vertex supplement. Keep weight on your dogs, improve coat, and ease the effects of arthritis on your older canine companions with Vertex. We use it at Tarheel every day.

Also available is the long awaited book, Controlled Aggression, Jerry’s training manual for police K9 & protection foundation training. This manual brings together in an easy to understand progression, how to develop drive and enhance drive interaction for eliminating conflict. Jerry also introduces easy methods for teaching the problem exercises of control, like the out & guard, out & return, redirected apprehensions (multiple suspects), and most of all, a conflict-free recall (call off)!

Don’f fail another certification because of the call-off. These methods work for the hardest of dogs, and the softest temperaments. Own the call-off exercise when you own Controlled Aggression – Order today.

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