L. Edwards & Misty (Raleigh, NC)

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for helping with our dog problem. Misty arrived in our home as a puppy that was very assertive and protective. Although she loved us, I was uncomfortable with her around strangers or visitors as I never knew what she would do. She also just took over our home. She was up on the table eating our food, on the kitchen counters, in all of the chairs, constantly barking at the door, and messing on the living room carpet if she did not get attention. I was at my wits end – wondering if you could teach old dogs new tricks (she is now 7 years old!). With your lifetime guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The check in procedure was relaxing for me as well as for Misty. Since she has many medical problems, extra time was allowed for me to explain everything. When I left I felt very comfortable and confident she would be well taken care of. Through the 3 week period, I received calls from Auburn with updates about how she was doing and any medication she was in need of. This helped me know that she was not only taken care of but being stimulated in her learning. When I arrived to pick her up and finally got to meet Auburn and view all that Misty had learned, I was delighted. I was pleased with the approach that Auburn took with her and her personality. She was firm yet loving. This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for. I saw what Misty would do for Auburn but now it was time for me to be consistent at home. Auburn talked to me about the transition, the things I needed to do, the signals, etc. I must admit that driving home I had butterflies about following through at home.

Well, Misty has done fine. She is not perfect, as there are a few things that I would like to work on and will speak to Auburn about. But overall she is a different dog. She is calmer than she has ever been in her life. She walks with me – as we now enjoy the time together. She comes on command. She stays next to me in the house, and no longer roams to get into trouble. I just cannot believe that it is the same dog. Today a friend of mine came to the door and she immediately jumped on her to greet her. I told her “off” and she did it! I told her to “sit” and again she did it! She was so excited to see the visitor that she shook as she sat – but she stayed seated!!!!! I couldn’t get over it. Thank you very much for providing a wonderful service. Please know that I have already bragged about what has taken place. I think that the job Auburn did was outstanding. There is no way I could ever thank her enough.