P. Lewis (Oxford, NC)

Before I acquired my dog, Fury, a Doberman, I went searching for a trainer that could help me achieve my goals of a Schutzhund title on my dog. A great trainer is a must in order to get a schutzhund title. I believe I have found an outstanding trainer in Jerry Bradshaw of Tarheel Canine. Jerry believes a good dog is a good dog regardless of breed. His training strategy is based on the attributes of the individual dog and not on the general attributes of the breed. Jerry is an excellent teacher, he has great communication skills, and he is patient and fair. Jerry is very serious about dog training, but he is also serious about training people to train dogs. Jerry believes dog training should be fun. Dog training is a hobby for most competitors, and as such, he says it should be a good experience for both the handler and the dog. I feel that because of Jerry’s straightforward methods, his ability to teach and communicate with handler and dog, his openness to discuss training, that he and I are working together as a team to train my dog. I am fortunate to be part of such a great dog training environment. I wholeheartedly recommend Jerry Bradshaw and Tarheel Canine to anyone who is serious about dog training.