William Chi (Instructor School Student) – Taiwan

My name is William Chi. I am a veterinarian in Taiwan and I’ve been working with specialty detector dog training programs for 9 years. I attended the “Pet dog professional obedience and detector dog trainer” classes at Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. in August of 2008. Staff in this organization is very nice and friendly to foreign students. The head Trainer arranged a great schedule for me when I was there. I attended the class of obedience training half day and the other half I had field training with police K9 teams. Head obedience trainer and all the instructors were kind and helpful to me, too. They taught me many things about dog training. The police officers who were having class together were also very helpful. They always picked me up to go field training and shared knowledge about K9 with me. Housing is available and the dormitories are located at the training facility. So, there is no need to rent a car to rush back and forth between hotels and the school. If you are a foreigner and want to be a professional dog trainer, Tarheel Canine School is the best choice for you. Thanks to Jerry and all the staff in Tarheel Canine.

William Chi

Former student from Professional Obedience and Detector Dog Trainer

Taiwan, R.O.C., Asia.