Tasha Zeinstra (Instructor School Student) – Minnesota

I attended Tarheel Canine’s school for dog trainers in June of 2006. I had done a bit of research online about different training schools, but I found that I liked what Jerry Bradshaw had to offer the best. His approach to each dog and passion for training was something that caught my attention. The experience there was once in a lifetime and I would love to attend again! The variety of breeds, clients, and behavioral issues allowed for a great experience and unlimited knowledge.

I came into Tarheel Canine with very little experience. I had trained my personal dogs as well as family dogs in obedience, but never really had the knowledge I needed to be completely successful. The one on one training with the instructors made me feel more at ease and they took the time to answer any questions I had. I not only got to go to the classes I signed up for, but I also got to watch the trainers in other programs. It was a neat experience to see how each individual dog is trained for a job such as drugs and cadaver detection.

I left Tarheel Canine with the confidence and knowledge to open my own training business. Attending dog training school has opened many other doors for my career. After graduating I spent time with animal control, opened a hunting retriever club, and now opened my training business. I am a proud graduate of Tarheel Canine and would not be where I am today without Jerry and his school!

Tasha Zeinstra