Kelly Jones (Instructor School Student) – Northern Virginia

I decided to leave home when I was 18 years old to attend the Trainers Course at Tarheel Canine.  I had no experience with working dogs or training in general but after much research and consideration, I chose Tarheel.  I fell in love with the school, dogs and staff immediately.  I have never learned so much in three months so I decided to buy one of Jerry Bradshaw’s green dogs and with the help of Jerry and his trainers, she turned into a phenomenally trained, single purpose bomb dog.

Jerry’s training program has the perfect combination of classroom learning and hands on learning.  I was very worried that I would be behind without having any previous experience but Jerry’s great training techniques, suggestions for improvement and creative solutions for training problems made those worries disappear!  There is a reason he is known as the best personal protection trainer in the US, if the not world.  Watching him provide training and support for his PSA trails is beyond extraordinary.

Jerry’s course has opened so many doors for me.  It’s always hard getting your foot in the door in this profession but this school gave me the motivation I needed to never give up.  I knew from day one at this school that this would be my passion and at the age of 25 I just got back from a three year tour in Afghanistan as a Duel Purpose Explosive K9 Handler.  I owe it all to Tarheel Canine!


Thank You!!

Kelly Jones