Hard Surface Tracking Seminar, Reading, PA Police Department


Tarheel Canine & Reading PD PA

Present a 3-Day Intensive Seminar

 Introduction to Hard Surface Tracking (HST) for Police K9s

Reading Police Department, Reading PA

May 6-8, 2014



As urban and suburban areas are becoming more and more the place where police K9 tracking dogs are being deployed, yet many dogs through being trained only on soft surfaces may be ineffective in such environments. In this 3 day seminar, you will learn how to teach your dog to perform efficiently on hard surface tracks resulting in more apprehensions in the toughest conditions.

This class will take place over 3 working days, 24 hours of instruction, and be open to Law Enforcement/Military participants. The class will be open to up to 15 participants with K9s. Observers and supervisors are welcome to attend, and there is no limit on their attendance. The class will comprise both classroom instruction and practical work.


In this 3 day seminar students will:


•              Learn the history of tracking/trailing as it pertains to Police K9s

•              Understand what drives and temperament characteristics are needed to train a HST K9

•              Understand how this style of tracking fits into the modern K9 environment.

•              Learn a complete training progression for developing a HST K9

•              Understand what equipment is required and what training aids are needed for successful training of


•              Learn through hands on training how to lay tracks in a HST environment

•              Understand how environmental factors affect the laying and running of HST at all levels

•              Learn through hands on training how to handle their dog on HST tracks, at the critical points on the


•              Learn how to read dogs in training and on HST Tracks

•              Understand how to move through the training progression and troubleshoot problems

•              Learn how to deploy a HST K9 in a tactical environment


Students should come to the seminar with the following equipment: a flat collar, properly fitting prong collar, 6’ leash, 15’ leash, and food for the dog. We recommend chicken hot dogs in a fairly large quantity for the 3 day seminar (3-4 large packages).


Registration Form:

Please send this in to register for the seminar to: Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. PO Box 1694, Sanford, NC 27330. A detailed schedule of events will be provided by contact person(s) after registration has been received.

Name:_________________________________________________________________ _

Address:____________________________________ ____________________________

State:_______Zip: __________

Tel # ____________________ (C) ____________________ (W)


Dog’s Name:_____________________________________________________________


Level of Training:_________________________________________________________

Working Spots (limited to 15 dog/handler teams ONLY): $225.

Spectator Spots (unlimited): $100 shall not be pro-rated.

$_______ is enclosed. Make Checks Payable to Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.

This release is intended to discharge Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. and their employees. owners, officers, agents, and sponsors from and against any and all liability arising out of or in connection with my participation in the tracking seminar or any of the seminar events for which I am registered or in which I am participating. I understand that serious accidents can occur during dog training, events, and other dog-related activities. Participation in such activities may occasionally result in serious personal injury and/or property damages. Knowing and appreciating such risks, nevertheless, I hereby agree to assume those risks and full responsibility for the actions of my dog(s) and myself. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to this hold harmless agreement.

________________________________________________________           __________

Applicant’s Signature                                                                                     Date


Meeting Place Day 1 & Classroom:

8:00am on the 6th, 7th, and 8th at:

Berks County Fire Training Center

895 Morgantown Road

Reading, PA 19601


Points of Contact

Jerry Bradshaw, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. 919 244-8044, jbradshaw@tarheelcanine.com

Amy Maxwell, (Registrations/Payments) Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.  919 774-4152, admin@tarheelcanine.com

Local POC: Joshua Faust, Reading PD, 610-406-8269.



Quality Inn Airport

2017 Bernville Road, Reading, PA 19601

610-736-0400 (Speak with Ankur Shah).

$59 + tax a night and one time pet fee of $20