Lt. Brian S. Moler – Police Dog Handler Course for Trained K9s

Good morning Sean, I just wanted to email you about the class and give you some feedback.

We didn’t get much into our background but a little bit about my history.  I’ve been handling for almost 16 years and have seen many different philosophies when it comes to training and deployment.  I’ve been in multiple classes, seminars, and training workshops throughout the years.  With that being said I felt like a new handler when I started your program.  After seeing the results from the last guys that came back, we all came down as a blank slate to absorb as much knowledge as we could.  The curriculum was planned out perfect each day with no down time and a clear goal for each days training.  I’ve tested and worked with “trained” canines from other vendors in the past with less than stellar results.  From day one I knew the dogs we received from Tarheel were different.  The amount of time spent training before our arrival was evident. It truly was a handlers course to learn the system and how to work the dog.  I’ve seen dogs in the past that were trained to look good to sell but had little substance behind them when it came to real world deployments.  The dogs we received from you were trained and tested for the real world.  They are in their infancy of potential to what they can be in the future and look forward to each days progress we are making as a team.  We had 12 days of actual training time with you guys and can honestly say it will change the 40 years our K9 Unit has operated in our training program.  We plan to take the knowledge you have given us and work it into our training regiment to include the canines we previously have online.   The concepts are simple in their application, with a clear cut plan on how/why/ when to proceed to the next level.

I know you and your team put multiple dogs and handlers through each year and its easy to forget the individual and what is at stake when they hit the streets.  I have no doubt after seeing our partners you have trained them as if you would personally be deploying with them.  Please pass on my thanks to Jerry, Ben, Stephon, Aaron and all the trainers that assisted with the class and preparation of our partners.  It truly was a pleasure and honor to work with you guys. If you ever need anything from us please let me know.

Thanks again,

Lt. Brian S. Moler
K-9 Unit Operations Lieutenant
WVDOC Special Operations