Testimonial- Aliana Myburgh

Testimonial for Jerry Bradshaw

I met Jerry in April of 2014 when he came to South Africa to do a seminar on his sport, PSA.

Jerry’s teachings that weekend opened my eyes to the world of dog training, and changed my life forever.  Ever since then I’ve been consumed by my passion for dog training and over the following couple of years continued to start a club, pioneer PSA in South Africa, and eventually start a business training dogs for protection and security work. Through all of this I had no help but for what I received from Jerry. He was there every step of the way, encouraging me and motivating me to keep pushing when I felt like giving up. Over the past 3-4 years Jerry has been a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and a big brother. I know without a doubt none of what I had achieved will have been possible without him.

Not only is his knowledge and understanding of dog training unsurpassed, but also as a person he is the rare kind; wise, strong, driven, hard working, honest, reliable and passionate about what he does, with the ability to initiate change and improvement wherever he goes.  Jerry’s hand and signature work is clearly visible in any group/department he has spent some time with.  Jerry has made a difference in countless lives because of the person he is and in my own has been the single most influential person. He pushes people the way he pushes himself, to be better and to achieve more. He is respected and admired the world over and in my personal life, I owe him everything.

If it is a dog you are looking for, be it for police, security or personal protection work – Jerry is your guy.  I have seen nothing but superior quality from him.

If it is a school you are looking for, either for yourself or your dog; Jerry’s is miles ahead of the rest with training theories, methods & techniques.

If you need improvement or restructuring in your K9 units, look no further. Jerry knows how to make an average dog good, and a good dog excellent, because he understands the psychological process of building a dog properly and has the intuition for it, something that very few dog trainers of today possess.

Jerry continues to change people’s lives, and in turn the world, as the sport that he created little over 10 years ago, has now expanded to 6 countries (if not more), creating a dog sport culture unlike any other, raising the bar and setting standards for dog training world wide. It is a privilege to know him and an honor to call him a friend.  The world certainly needs more Jerry’s.

Aliana Myburgh, Director & Head Trainer, Cape K9 – https://capek9.com

Cape Town, South Africa