International Exchange Intern- Taiwan- Cassia Chu

Dear Jerry


I would like to thank you for the opportunity you provided for me to attend the internship at Tarheel Canine. I had a great time at Tarheel. If it were not for this opportunity, and my professors, Dr. Chi William and Ms.Wu, who allowed me to join this project, I wouldn’t know my little world can be so vital! When I came back home to Taiwan, everyone who saw me said I’m like changed person, better and happier. It probably sounds too dramatic, but it’s really what I feel. Teachers really know how to give a good positive opportunity to build a student’s confidence. Even when I had some struggles and some little mess ups. I could get myself together soon then face another tomorrow.


I knew almost nothing about the training of dogs when I started. I came to Tarheel trying hard to learn as much as I could, and the team of Tarheel Canine really taught me everything they know, holding nothing back. I was just a normal person who likes dogs, but now I can say I have some skills for training them. I truly appreciate you letting me have this opportunity to come to Tarheel. I found a pursuit, and really had great time.


Wishing you happiness and health, sincerely,

Cassia Chu

Student, Tajen University, Taiwan