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The best way to learn about Tarheel Canine is to read the testimonials of our customers. We can provide reference lists and contact with our customers so you can ask them yourself about their experiences with us. From our pet training to Police K9 services, our goal is customer satisfaction. Canine training is an evolving discipline. As more is learned about dogs, from their physical capabilities to their mental capacities, the way our industry trains dogs is always changing. With Tarheel Canine, you can be assured you are learning the most up to date methods and the most efficient training systems in existence. We are efficient but not expedient at the cost of the dog’s comfort. We require our trainers to attend seminars, conferences, and train their own dogs for competition to keep sharpening their skills, so that they can bring you the best information and the latest techniques. Our staff of trainers is motivated and passionate about helping you and your dog reach their maximum potential.

Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. is a NC Department of Agriculture Licensed Boarding Facility, we are DEA and ATF and NC DHR Licensed for police K9 training activities. Tarheel Canine is registered with the Department of Defense as a contractor in the CCR database and in the ORCA database. We hold one the 5 small business awards for the Department of Homeland Security Wide Canine Contract. Tarheel Canine is an A+ Rated and Accredited Company with the BBB of Eastern North Carolina.

Tarheel Canine provides a vast range of services from our world-renowned School for Dog Trainers, which has educated and produced industry leaders in the canine field around the world, to our Police K9 Training Programs responsible for millions of dollars in contraband seizures and the safe apprehension of dangerous felons. Our personalized in-board pet training in basic and advanced obedience can turn an unruly dog into a calm and attentive family companion. We specialize in the management of all types of behavior problems from shyness to aggression cases. We train dogs for personal protection and deliver them to your door, coach handlers in the sports of Schutzhund and PSA in our protection training club, and import from the best European bloodlines the finest German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and other working breeds.

Tarheel Canine trainers and staff conduct training for police K9 units worldwide, the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force, US Army and US Navy Special Ops, federal agencies including Dept. of the Interior, US Forest Service, US Fish & Game, Federal Reserve System Banks from Chicago to Miami, defense Contractors in Kurdistan and Iraq, and NASA. We have conducted training for and educated K9 instructors for Civilian Security, Police, and Military units in Belize, US & British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Brazil, Argentina, Barbados, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, and have seminars scheduled for 2012 in Australia, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. These are the reasons why “Trust the Professionals” is our motto. Our reach is wide, but we pride ourselves on having our clients leave feeling like part of the Tarheel Canine family.

Jerry Bradshaw, Tarheel Canine’s CEO has written articles and columns for Police K9 Magazine, K9 Cop Magazine, Dog Sport Magazine, and PoliceOne.com, been quoted in Dog World magazine, and writes for the TK9 Blog. Jerry Has presented talks to professional audiences at the HITTS and Law Dog Conferences since 2004. Our staff trainers are members of the Protection Sports Association, NTPDA, American Working Malinois Association, United Schutzhund Clubs of America. We are dedicated to continuing to educate both ourselves and the public through giving and attending seminars, competition and membership in professional associations.
We encourage you to contact us and get to know our trainers and support staff, and see why once you are a TK9 customer, you will want to keep coming back!





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